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Our Outreach in Ukraine

Vinnitsa Refugee Relief

The city of Vinnitsa is located in the center of the country. Our friends in the city are currently working to serve the huge influx of passing refugees. As refugees travel from East to West, they are in need of food, water, and a mattress to sleep on. The churches of this city are hard at work. They are using their summer camps as housing and their church kitchens to provide food. All of this is being done while fearing for their own lives and running to bomb shelters throughout the day when the sirens start.

Kyiv Siege Relief

The capital city is currently under siege by Russian Occupation forces. Every day, air raid sirens warn of incoming artillery. A large portion of the population is now living and sleeping in the metro stations located over 300 ft underground. Churches within the city limits have mobilized to deliver food, water, and supplies to these shelters. These volunteers are putting themselves in the direct line of fire. Their vehicles have been shot at, and their lives endangered.

Khmelnitski Refugee Center

Our Friends in the Khmelnitsky Province are also at full capacity. They have converted every possible room into a temporary shelter for travelling refugees. Any funds that they receive, they dedicate to feeding, dressing, and transporting refugees.

Multi-Church Coordination in the Valley

We are coordinating with all four local Slavic Churches in the valley to enable our entire Slavic community in the Shenandoah Valley participate and aid our Ukrainian brothers and sisters in need. This includes preparing for a possible temporary refugee facility in our Port Republic Road location where we are able to house up to 100 refugees with full living, classroom and commercial kitchen facilities onsite.