Yellow Flowers

The War in Ukraine Rages On

Ukraine has been locked in a fight for freedom and sovereignty long before February 24, 2022. A great price has been paid, and yet it is still not enough.

Russia continues to occupy by force and subterfuge. However, their invasion has not gone according to plan. Ukraine stands strong. This war is a major deciding moment in history.

A "cold" war naught but forgotten generations ago, yet looms on the horizon now more than ever.


The time to stand up against tyranny is now. Russian combatants commit horrifying war crimes to innocents and civilians in aim to break the resolve of Ukraine. As Christians, we are praying for Ukraine, but we also act upon faith.


Act today. Donate now. 100% of your donation goes directly towards the humanitarian aid of Ukrainian people. We are supplying fellow churches in Ukraine with the resources to feed, clothe, and shelter those displaced by the war. Stand with us on the right side of history.

May the Lord Bless you, thank you.